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Coding Quiz – Win a Prize

TalkIT continues its coding puzzle series with more challenging brainteasers. Learn to read code with 5 new C# loops. This time we are running a quiz. In order to encourage you we are giving away 5 Gold Subscriptions for one month, to those lucky ones who solve these puzzles. You can use

TalkIT humour – Developer habits

Developer Habits There are certain things which distinguish developers from people who work in other professions. Developers can have different habits, jargon and expressions. This sometimes leads to misunderstanding and funny situations. We have collected these funny pictures related to developer habits.  Enjoy! P.S. We are dealing with stereotypes and not seeking to insult anyone. …

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TalkIT Humour – Valentines day ideas for programmers

TalkIT Humor – Valentines day ideas for programmers This week TalkIT Humour section features Valentines day. I think most men struggle to find right present and express their feeling in the best possible way. Thus, we will talk about how programmers can congratulate their girlfriends and give you some practical advice.         …

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