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Developer Habits

There are certain things which distinguish developers from people who work in other professions. Developers can have different habits, jargon and expressions. This sometimes leads to misunderstanding and funny situations. We have collected these funny pictures related to developer habits.  Enjoy!

P.S. We are dealing with stereotypes and not seeking to insult anyone.

1). You can’t simply ask Java developer to open the jar. They are always thinking about installing Java.


Opening the jar                                                Show empty mug to Java developer


2). You shouldn’t get scared if you see programmer talking to their computer. That’s how most bugs are fixed. It also improves effectiveness.


Talking with pc. One of strange developer habits

3). Most developers take IF statements too seriously. So you should be careful while expressing your thoughts and desires.

Buy bottle of milk
4). Developers always have one excuse for slacking.

The 1st programmer excuse

5). Developers LOVE what they do and will continue in the same way.

Keep calm and geek on








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