Bridging the Skills Gap

There is a clearly recognised shortage of software developers in the UK. “Analysis of today’s labour market shows a total of 9,000 vacant JavaScript developer roles across London and the South East. That roughly equates to 210 new jobs roles being advertised every day. By comparison, the North West has, on average, 38 new roles

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How To Work with Big Data

Contents Setting the scene What is Hadoop? 1. Setting the Scene Big data – the 4Vs What’s wrong with relational databases? How about massively parallel processing databases? Big data technologies Data is the lifeblood of any organization The challenge… The volume of data is growing exponentially Magnitudes larger than a few years ago Big data

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How to get coding now!

What better way to kick off Autumn than by learning something new. The ability to be able to code is becoming an essential skill for success in an ever-digital world. Whether you’re building simple websites and apps or coding complex data analytics tools – programming languages are becoming the new universal means of creative conversation we

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