What Programming Language Should I Learn First?


The first thing to ask is why do you want to learn to program. If your answer is web development then maybe HTML5 and JavaScript are good starting points. However if you don’t really know what you want to do; then we suggest a good starting point is either Visual Basic or Python. JavaScript with HTML and CSS is one of the easiest to languages setup and use. There is no need for any specialist software as it can be written in a text file and run directly on a web browser. You will see your results immediately. JavaScript is fairly forgiving; variable types are straightforward and it will teach you the basics of functions. Python is easy to read and through the use of indentation creates a good programming style for the future. Python is quick and fun to write and allows you to see your results without too much effort and requires no knowledge of previous languages. If you move into the world of Visual Basic it will be a bit harder to set up and see your results. But it provides an easier transition into more widely used languages such as Java and C# which use Object Orientation. Java, C++ and C# are widely used in industry. The ASP.Net MVC course covers web development using C#.

Good luck and master a programming language you want to learn!


In the end, watch this entertaining video talking about different programming languages.

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