TalkIT Humour – Comments in Code

Comments in Code

This week TalkIT is featuring a vital topic. Is it important to comment your code?

Most of us just “love“ writing comments in a program. The code  is working,  so why waste our time! Writing comments can go ridiculous as shown on this picture.comment

But sometimes it is important for other team members to understand  your code,  if you want to make an application that can be easily maintained. Martin Fowler (2008) has a powerful quote:

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

Your team may split the program into parts and procedures, but eventually if (or when) something goes wrong, comments  will save tons of time. According Utah University, one should understand the algorithm just by simply reading its comments. Eventually even you are going to forget what you have written. Comments will prod your memory.

Otherwise this will happen:










Finally, you can always insert funny things into comments for your colleagues to read. Coding Poets is a new direction which we have never seen before.







TalkIT strongly suggests to write comments in your code and eventually your coleagues will say “thank you”. No one should have to read the code without explanation. Please, tell us your opinion about comments in the forum bellow.

// Thank you.

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