TalkIT Humour – Valentines day ideas for programmers

TalkIT Humor – Valentines day ideas for programmers

valentinesdaytweetThis week TalkIT Humour section features Valentines day. I think most men struggle to find right present and express their feeling in the best possible way. Thus, we will talk about how programmers can congratulate their girlfriends and give you some practical advice.








1). You can write a poem and take into account your coding knowledge. valentinesday3Coding and writing poetry require some creativity, which means you probably have it. If you struggle, use synonym websites like TheSaurus. In the end, if you can’t find the right word you can stick binary code or color code.







2).You can send a postcard which can express your feelings;puzzles or humor in your postcard can give you some bonus points.

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3). You can use your coding skill to surprise your girlfriend. You can write specific program which will paint, write and express your feelings better than you. In the end, it will be a good memory.Please also check our coding tutorials which can help to build some of these things. We have tutorials in Java, C# and HTML5.


4). Most classical present is to give her some flowers. But usual flowers would be too boring. That’s why we advise to give 8-Bit rose.


And in the end keep this in mind once you prepare your present. That programs are like women; in the end you are always wrong. Happy Valentines Day!


Artiom Jankovskij 14/2/15


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