Can neuroscience help me to Code?

Can Neuroscience Help Me Learn to Code?

Welcome to the latest news from TalkIT. This issue explores using brain research to improve learning.Brain Science

Also see our past newsletter on what makes a good coder. We draw on the evolving knowledge about the structure and function of the brain. We’ll consider learning to code from scratch in a new programming language. These are my thoughts based on my years of training developers. But please add your ideas in the comments below.


Learn Anything Effectively

Learn a Complex Skill

How to Learn

Can You Solve This Coding Problem?

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 Learn Anything Effectively

Brain research shows that learning causes new connections to grow between brain cells (neurons). Learning literally changes the structure of the brain in a small way. This research can be used to improve how we learn any skill at any age. The benefits include:Anything

  • Improved memory
  • Faster and more effective reading
  • Enhanced problem solving and creativity
  • Increasing enjoyment and confidence

 Learn a Complex Skill

In a recent TalkIT survey 50% of people said they found our tutorials “too hard”.  Software development is a complex skill. It requires familiarity with vast areas of knowledge. Programming languages also advance quickly.Complex

Programming languages are similar to natural language like French. They specify the grammar with syntax rules. They also specify the vocabulary with reserved words. Software development requires a certain amount of skill with maths and logic.

Learning to code combines the theoretical and practical. This includes the concepts and syntax of a language. But it also includes writing and testing code in a development environment. Contemporary coding often requires that we work across multiple platforms. This demands sophisticated cross system thinking.

Considering all this, learning to code can be a challenging task. So we need all the help we can get to accelerate learning.

 How to Learn

The best place to start is to ask “why am I learning this?” The answer will keep you motivated. Look to your future; career opportunities, passing exams, a better life … This will help create those new neural pathways as you learn.How

Then ask what the best resources to use are; books, videos, online courses … Take a look at TalkIT’s online courses. These include videos, images, code snippets and application downloads.

Arrange your study time effectively to allow time for breaks from learning. These will help your brain consolidate new knowledge. Let the unconscious part of your brain work for you.

Apply different learning modalities as the brain likes novelty and variety.  So try mixing reading, watching videos and practical exercise. Engage your whole brain with multi-sense learning: watch, listen, and then test it out.

 5 Top Learning Tips

  1. Ask “Why?” This provides meaning and motivation.
  2. Mix modes: read, watch, listen then do
  3. Take regular breaks: relax so the skills sink in
  4. Do the exercises: test it for yourself
  5. Review knowledge: look back at what you have learnt

What do you think? Add comments below.

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Can You Solve This Coding Problem?

An important skill for programmers to have is to understand how code works without compiling it. Just predict the output of these loops without executing the code. If you need some help, check our C# course.  Write your answer in the comments below. Or add your own puzzle.Problem

for (int p = 0; p < 4; p++)
   for (int q = 0; q < 4 – p; q++)

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