Using Accelerated Learning To Enhance The Use Of Software

The area I am interested in is using accelerated learning approaches to enhance the learning & use of IT software.

TalkIT provides training, consultancy and development for software developers & architects. Our clients are training centres and companies.

We have also designed and developed training specifically in accelerated learning.  I personally, have talked at IT developer conferences about the benefits of accelerated learning. There seemed to be a great deal of interest in this.  I also use accelerated learning when I deliver training.  Here is an accelerated learning course outline: Accelerate Your IT Learning

Accelerated learning is based on research in to how the brain & memory work.  It includes:

  • The specialisation in the function of the left and right sides of the brain
  • Identifying an individual’s learning style (visual, auditory or kinesthetic)
  • Using Mind Maps to generate ideas and consolidate new information
  • Enhancing memory
  • Applying an individual’s multiple intelligences to learning
  • Faster and more effective reading

Most IT training is based on fairly traditional approaches. The training centres provide limited opportunities to innovate.

Yet there are many ways that we can enhance learning  and working in the digital age. On example is managing the vast amount on information that is now available over the web and social media.

The opportunities TalkIT is  currently working with are:

  • designing training courses
  • developing training and educational materials
  • developing software interfaces
  • consulting on the effective ways to learn and use new technologies

Would any of this be of interest to you?  Call me on 01225 469127 or send a message from the contact page.



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