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What We Do

Welcome to the TalkIT website. This article tells you more about what we do. And gives you a tour of the whole website.

The site is designed to be resource for people interested in software. It will also allow you to access our expanded range of IT services.

Our expanded range of software services now includes training, consultancy and development. The site aims to describe these services to you in a simple and clear way. This reflects our core values. The site also aims to introduce some of our associates to you. Please let us know what you think of the site by using the Contact Us page.

Tour Of The Site

The Home page explains what TalkIT is really about. While the training, consultancy and development pages, describe exactly how we can support you.

When you need training, for example, first look at the Training Support page, then select a course title. You can then check out the content by looking at the course’s outline – and download the course’s slides. We provide both Microsoft’s official courses and TalkIT’s own courses. Don’t forget we can customise the course for you.

The Our Aims page explains the values and objectives that guide us. While the How We Work page introduces innovative ways to keep up with new technology  using Accelerated Learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

How To Use The Site

  1. For training, select a Microsoft official or TalkIT course that interests you
  2. Look at the outline and slides for the course
  3. If the outline does not fit, talk to us about a tailored course or consultation
  4. For software development, talk to us about the project’s scope and specification
  5. Call 01225 469 127 or contact us to arrange the dates

David Ringsell May 2024

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