Elearning Testimonials

Testimonials from our eLearning Clients 

Here are some nice things our clients have said about our courses.

The C# CoursePersona1

  • I registered in the TalkIT website to get interactive courses as well as walk through projects in C# and specifically those with more complex applications. I think the website is well-designed and easy to use and, the developer tutorials provide what I am looking for and they are at the right level. I purchased the developer course from TalkIT because I trust the sources but also it is reasonably priced. By doing this course I aim to improve my coding skills. “ -Mike Dawson- G-M Tube Technician from the USA

The Java Game TutorialAsian with Laptop

  • The Java game tutorial is a very ambitious piece of work. I enjoyed learning Java through a game because it is definitely a fun and worthwhile way. It is also very different than traditional courses to learn a language. Navigating through the exercises is very easy and clear and videos are fun and easy to follow. Overall a great experience to learn a new skill.” -Ayomide Msomi – IT Trainer from the India

The Python CoursePersona3

  • I registered for the Python course in order to enhance my employability by learning an industry popular language. I aim to have a career in IT therefore being more employable and competitive is my goal. This course provides a good introduction to the Python language and I enjoyed going through the tutorials. Moreover I got to learn in a step-by-step way so it was relatively easy to use. I found that having video and downloadable solutions really helped in my learning.” -Emily Lewis- IT Teacher from the UK

The Java Course


  • I’ve had a look at the online Java course and I really like the step-by-step approach. I could see this really working for students as they write their own code.” -Simon Pearce- Student at Bath University in the UK

ASP.NET MVC CoursePersona4

  • In India we don’t have many choices regarding e-learning and software training. I found TalkIT through Google search and I was amazed by the expertise of these courses and the developers that design them. I did the MVC course and I got my certificate, which looks great on my CV. I plan to purchase more courses. Western education is very prestigious in India so doing these courses will surely help in my career.-Ayush Rana- Works in an IT company in India

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