Web Technology for Non-Techies

Duration 2 daysWeb Design



This course is for non-technical staff such as account managers or project managers. It will allow them to become more comfortable talking and working with more technical colleagues.  It will also help them answer technical questions from their clients. The course will unpack some of the jargon and concepts around web technology. It also covers digital marketing

Day 1

Web Services

What are they … what can they be used for? How to run software over the internet. Examples of common web services.

Application Program Interfaces (APIs)

What are they … what can they be used for? How to connect to software. How to design an API.

Links to Mainframe/ERP Systems

How to integrate software application across an enterprise. Specific sites and products. What is an ERP? Are their standards? If so, what?

Day 2

eCommerce and Payment Options

How are payments made over the internet? Different payment methods online.  What are the key things to know? What are the legal aspects? Risks & best practices.

SEO For Websites

What is this … how does it help websites… how do search engines rank sites?  How to improve a website’s rank in Google.

HTTPS/SSL Encryption

What is it for … what does it mean … why do it?  How to encrypt web pages to protect sensitive data. Different types of security certificates. How to secure websites.

Web Architecture

How does the internet actually work? What actually happens when websites are published, hosted and browsed. Explanations and overviews of domains, sub domains, DNS, ISP’s, Google Analytics, web and server monitoring statistics.



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