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Welcome to the latest news from TalkIT. November has been a busy month for us. In this issue, we introduce our newest Marketing Assistant, Eleni who is going to help with digital marketing and other marketing communications. This month we are also looking to optimize our home page design in order to improve user experience. This follows from the July Newsletter on how to design websites that look good and work In this issue, we will also talk about a seminar given by TalkIT to University of Bath students on MVC and the SQL Server development course delivered by TalkIT in Bath.


  1. The new Marketing Assistant
  2. MVC Seminar
  3. SQL Server development course
  4. Other Bits

New Marketing AssistantEleni

From this month onwards, our marketing activities have been taken over by Eleni. Eleni is an MSc Marketing student at the University of Bath and has had previous digital marketing experiences. She studied Management at the University of Southampton. This month she is concentrating her efforts on TalkIT social media platforms and working towards attracting and retaining relevant audience. Eleni is working towards a long-term goal of generating sales for TalkIT.

MVC Seminar

Earlier this month, TalkIT gave a seminar on MVC at the University of Bath. 11 University of Bath students attended the event. MVC forms one of ASP.NET programming models and can be a basis for developing web applications using the Model View Controller. The components of the model are: Model: manages business logic classes and data access View: renders model objects with client-slide intelligenceMVC Controller: Handles incoming requests then chooses a view to render Some of the benefits of using MVC are that

  1. It encourages separation of presentation and application logic
  2. Reusable and consistent model classes for application logic
  3. It employs rich features of the NET platform

The students enjoyed the seminar and gave an overall positive feedback. They emphasized that they mostly enjoyed the actual code demonstration. For more information on our MVC courses go to :

SQL Server development course

This month, TalkIT also delivered a 2-day SQL Server development course in Bath. The course aimed at people who were interested in the subject but completely new to querying with Microsoft SQL Server products. SQL is a standard language for accessing and manipulating databases. The course included illustrated examples and practical exercises. The content of the course wasSQL Server

  1. Introduction to SQL Server Databases
  2. Using the SELECT Statement to Retrieve Data
  3. Retrieving Specific Rows of Data Using the WHERE Clause
  4. Formatting and Sorting Result Sets
  5. Querying Data from Multiple Tables by Using Joins
  6. Summarizing Data Using Aggregate Functions
  7. Combining and Limiting Result Sets
  8. Working with Subqueries
  9. Inserting Data into Tables
  10. Deleting Data from Tables
  11. Updating Data in Tables

  For more information on our SQL courses go to:

Other BitsBits

We have published another Java tutorial. You can learn the language in simple steps by creating a game. You can also watch the videos for this on YouTube. The tutorial is the conclusion of the Java course. It provides an opportunity to use the skills covered in the course. Start the course now. The first tutorial is a free trial. We will publish game tutorials for our other courses in 2016. Java Course TalkIT has been very active on social media recently. We have been posting on coding, new gadgets and IT humour. Why don’t you connect with us on Twitter or FaceBook? You can follow all the latest news and let us know what you think. FaceBook NowTalkIT Twitter @NowTalkIT WIN a TalkIT Gold subscription by LIKING our Facebook page and this post:  Interested in website design? Follow our 5 rules!  That’s how most IT projects work!  Check our new Java tutorial!  Join our SQL Server course in Bristol. Get 10% discount  Build a simple Java game. Learn to code. It’s fast and fun.  Digital marketing. Tell the world who you are. How to reach your audience?  Check our new Python Course!  From Basic to Advanced concepts. I want to learn programming. Where do I start? Find out


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