The TalkIT Vision

MissionI made a radical decision. I will use my experience to create an alternative; TalkIT. The vision is to embrace contemporary approaches to business and education.

Clients will get the training they really need. TalkIT will blend on-demand e-learning with the benefits of classroom training. Our e-learning courses will include accelerated learning methods.

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 The ChallengesChallenges

Creating TalkIT presented massive challenges. For a start we had very limited resources. This was a low budget production. But we had high ideals and aimed at a mass market.

I first used my contacts to build a team of experienced trainers. They provide expert knowledge in a wide range of fields.

We decided to recruit students but develop them in to their roles. We selected capable and enthusiastic young people but they had limited work experience. We filled marketing and a technical author role.

Our market research indicated the competition was stiff and well established. We wanted to differentiate ourselves by providing something more. I could see that there was a lot of work ahead to make the vision a reality.

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