Why Do You Want To Learn?

Why Do You Want To Learn?

This is a good place to start. Of course, you are learning a language to write software. If you are already a developer this may be because your company uses this language, or intends to. Knowing the latest stuff will also improve your CV and aid job interviews. international-programmer-day

Developers also just like new technology. They are pretty good at spotting trends. They want to keep up with current approaches and convince their employers to adopt these. But pushing things forward may not be that simple. The options may be restricted by company policy, legacy code and the existing knowledge in the team.

Another focus for your learning may be to get a developer certification. Again this is beneficial for CVs and interviews. There are certification structures for most languages. Microsoft provides a wide range of exams across its products. I have found that going for an exam really provides a focus for learning. The syllabus is both deep and broad. The makes you study areas you would not normally.

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