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On April 25th I am giving a talk introducing web development with ASP.Net MVC. This will be at a major developer event in Bristol, DDD South West. By the way, DDD stands for Developer Developer Developer. This will be my 5th DDD talk. My talks keep getting selected each year! The event is free and details are on the site.

The talk will cover the benefits and architecture of MVC. It is really the very start of my 4 day MVC training course.

I will demonstrate how to create a simple application. The emphasis will be on the core architecture. This is because I found that it was only on the 4th day of the course that delegates could really get this. This architecture provides many benefits, but the flow of control is not entirely intuitive.

If you want an industrial strength application, there is another DDD talk. This is described as “A full walk through of a real life, well architected application.”

Microsoft’s original web development offering is ASP.Net Web Forms. For more on the differences between Web Forms and MVC see the June 2014 TalkIT newsletter:

How do you build enterprise websites?

The MVC pattern is radically different from Web Forms. Much more of the underlying nature of the internet is revealed. Developers work more closely with HTML and HTTP.

Here are the components of the pattern:

Model; manages business logic classes and data access
View; renders model objects with client-slide intelligence
Controller; Handles incoming requests then chooses a view to render


Here are the key benefits:

  • MVC pattern encourages separation of presentation and application logic
  • Reusable and consistent model classes for application logic
  • Easy to include unit tests
  • You decide the application URLs via flexible routing system
  • Tight control over HTML that is standards-compliant
  • Employs rich features of the ASP.NET platform
  • Simplifies JavaScript/Ajax integration

For more see our MVC course.

Thanks to Andy Olsen for MVC slides

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