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Ideas to enhance TalkIT website in 2015

Description & Purpose Pages Approved (Y/N)? Start Date End Date Hours Complete (Y/N)?
Fix the tutorial pages so that visitors are prompted to register when they download a solution. The layout of the older tutorials will be revised to use the new layout. This includes an image that visitors click to download a solution. Ben at the web company is editing the code in the tutorial’s content template to implement this. David has added the solution link to each tutorial and made sure the correct solution is downloaded for each tutorial. Steven is making layout mobile responsive by editing code in WordPress content template. All tutorial pages Yes 30/12/2014 23/01/2015 12 Yes
When completing payment for tutorial a Thanks For Joining page is shown, but without a link to the tutorial. The page will be replaced by a page for each course and Gold membership with links to the course’s tutorials. These pages will then be assigned to the membership level in the CMS, using the After Registration dropdown. Page per course created to replace Thanks For Joining in membership plug in. Yes 27/01/2015 17/02/2015? 4 Yes. Pages created & assigned for C#, Java, MVC, HTML5 & Gold levels.Page for C++ & Pyhon to do by SP. 
Add continue to next tutorial section to bottom of all paid tutorials. All paid tutorials in courses Yes 20/02/2015 27/02/2015 2 Yes
Rearrange the existing content of all sales pages to make this more appealing.
The benefits of buying a tutorial will be on the first page, then the features on the second. Currently it is the other way around. So it is about rearranging parts of the content on the pages. The aim is make visitors click through to buy a tutorial. Steven and Artiom will research the e-learning competition’s sales pages. Then create a draft sales page, which David will approve. Then Steven will implement the design.
All sales pages used by the Wishlist membership plugin Yes 22/01/2015 11/03/2015 12 No
Improve user experience by showing or hiding text blocks on pages. Add JavaScript to reduce the scrolling required to read a page. The FAQ page & other relevant pages. Yes
Add course descriptions pages for each paid courses. Put these under the Tutotials menu. They will include the tutorials titles & features of the course. They will be used to promote the courses on the site, socoal media, etc. Add page for each course Yes
Standardise the look of all images used in the tutorial images; say adding a border that is colour coded on technology or by adding simple icons. brand and values. The aim is to make navigation around the tutorials easier for the users and enhance the recognition of the TalkIT All tutorial pages No
Writing an additional tutorial per course on building a real-world application. The aim is to consolidate the skills learnt in the tutorial by creating a small but useful application. Add tutorial page per paid course No
Add a page to the site that shows social media posts, say from Twitter and FaceBook. The aim is to provide up-to-date content from the social media campaign. Add social media page and sub menu No


David Ringsell 2015

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