Financial Services Delegate -SQL Server Reporting Services Course

The Business

Recently I delivered a 3 day course in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The single delegate came from a company that works with risk management data for the financial services industry. The company provides its clients with detailed reports. Keeping data anonymous and secure is important.


The delegate had a limited background in Reporting Services. She was however moving in to a role where she would create and maintain sophisticated reports. So she really needed some training. The in depth course included the Reporting Services architecture and storage features. But, by request we concentrated the training on designing reports, as this was her main task. I provided explanations and demonstrations of creating reports. These ranged from basic to complex filtered reports.

The Delivery

Typically the delegate then works through practical exercises to consolidate their skills. In this case, because it was a one-to-one, I could adjust the course to the delegate’s needs. She was the kind of person who learns best by doing things from scratch herself.

So what we decided to do is discard the standard exercises that came with the course notes. When asked about the course, she wrote:

“I really enjoyed the class because … I understood everything and developed my own working examples, instead of using the lab examples. I am now confident I can use these.”

 This was an important reminder for me on how people learn best. This is by having the opportunity to find their own solutions. As a result of completing the course the delegate felt fully confident she could create complex reports.

TalkIT provides training in SSRS. If you like to find out more take a look at our course outline.

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