Archives Collection Management Ltd

The Business

Managing fine art collections is an art in itself.

Archives Collection Management Ltd (ACM) is a software company that specialises in the handling of data and images on and off the internet.
Its software is used by private collectors and public galleries, including the Tate Gallery.

ACM prides itself on providing accurate information for curators, auctioneers and fine art storage managers.

A backend database holds the art collection records and an application allows each individual item in the collection to be viewed. Each item has detailed information and a photograph associated with it.


ACM decided to create web-based software using Microsoft’s ASP.Net. The software required advanced features to display, categorise and filter items.

Simple but effective web page designs were also required.

An appropriate data access technology had to be selected.

The Delivery

The first step was to agree the content for several customised training days, based on-site and including a close look at ACM’s existing software.

The TalkIT consultant made recommendations on the most appropriate architecture for the new application. This included selecting a suitable data access technology.

Our consultant worked closely with ACM to develop the application, tackling software challenges as they arose.

The user interface was carefully designed to allow for large amounts of information to be displayed clearly and for searches by artist or category.

Once the initial training days were completed, the TalkIT consultant continued to provide support as required, over the phone and via email, with the occasional on-site visit.

The resulting application provided a highly efficient solution for collectors looking to maintain their art collections.

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