Our aims are

    • to enable you to create simple yet highly effective software
    • to give you what you need and ignore the rest
    • to use the best techniques in IT training, consultancy and development


Today, the explosion of complex information is overwhelming – it is easy to be left bewildered by the number of options available.

However, we passionately believe there are simple solutions to even apparently complex problems.

TalkIT will enable you to effectively evaluate your options and then make choices that will meet your actual needs.

In this way, we create simple practical solutions.


We work on the ‘only what you need’ principle.

We provide specifics that avoid distractions.

Our tailor-made services enable you to exclude the irrelevant and concentrate on the important.

State-of-the-art approach

We apply state-of-the-art techniques to IT training, consultancy and development.

These techniques enable better planning of projects and enhanced communications within project teams.

We draw from a range of powerful Accelerated Leaning and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, expertly adapted by us to the IT industry.

Apply best practice

We encourage the use of best practice.

The software industry today offers a wide range of alternative approaches. We draw on our vast experience to advocate and implement the best possible option.

We make recommendations that lead to long-term benefits.

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