Training in Excel VBA – Intermediate Course

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Recap of VBA concepts

  • Overview of the Excel object and collections hierarchy
  • Overview of procedures versus functions
  • Overview of variables and their scope
  • Overview of control and decision structures

Working with basic objects

  • Overview of useful Application object properties
  • Use of events attached to Workbook and Worksheet objects
  • Overview of useful Range object methods and properties
  • Use of VBA to sort sheets
  • Use of the Comment object
  • Error handling

User forms

  • Maintenance and display of a user form
  • Basic controls – Label, Text-Box, Command-Button
  • List items – List-Box, Combo-Box
  • Mouse-controlled items – Check-Box, Option-Button(Radio Button), Toggle-Button
  • Display items – Frame, Tab-Strip, Multi-Page, Scroll-Bar, Spin-Button, Image
  • Use of form events, procedures and functions

Using VBA to maintain Charts

  • Creation of a chart as a sheet or as an object within a sheet
  • Application of formats to different chart areas and items
  • Maintenance of data labels and values
  • Maintenance of key attributes

Using VBA to maintain pivot tables

  • Creation of a pivot table and definition of its source data
  • Manipulation of column and row headings
  • Manipulation of cell values
  • Application of grouping and filtering
  • Application of formats to different sections of a table

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