Training in Excel VBA – Basic Course

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  • Overview of the VBA environment
  • How to record and modify a macro
  • Use of relative and absolute addressing
  • Introduction to modules, procedures and functions
  • Use of comments in a macro
  • How to Step through and test a macro
  • Overview of objects, properties and methods
  • Overview of the Excel object hierarchy

Working with a range of cells

  • Overview of the Range object
  • Use of the Selection property
  • Retrieval of count of cells in a selection
  • Use the Offset method and property
  • Retrieval of cell values and formulae
  • Maintenance of cell values
  • Use of column and row properties
  • Use of property combinations

Working with workbooks and worksheets

  • Overview of the Workbook object
  • Overview of the Worksheet object
  • Use of the Activate and Add methods

Visual Basic components

  • Use of variables and data types
  • Use of IF and CASE statements
  • Use of DO and FOR loops

Running Macros

  • Use of MSGBOX and INPUTBOX dialogue objects
  • Assigning macros to objects
  • Basic forms and buttons

Creating Procedures & Functions

  • Use of parameters and arguments
  • Key differences between procedures and functions
  • Use of user defined functions in spreadsheets

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