Training in Android Development

Key Information

Duration: 5 Days days

Course Learning Skills: Java


Android is Google’s open-source Java-based platform for mobile/cell-phone development. This course provides comprehensive hands-on coverage of Android. You will learn how to use the full features of the Android SDK, using the Eclipse-based Android development environment.

Developers who want to create compelling applications for Android-based devices.

Familiarity with Java. Awareness of mobile development is also an advantage.


  • Overview of Android: Overview of mobile development platforms; The role of Android; Understanding the Android stack; Overview of the Android SDK; Creating a simple Android application
  • Key Concepts: Activities; Intents; Services; Content providers and broadcast receivers
  • UI Development: XML UIs; Java UIs; Screen resolution; Managing layout; Using UI components; Selection; Menus and dialog boxes; Handling events; Graphics and animations
  • Interacting with the Android System: Accessing the file system; Accessing preferences; Managing notifications; Understanding the Android security model
  • Multimedia: Overview of multimedia capabilities; Playing-back audio and video; Audio formats; Video formats
  • Database Access: Overview of SQLite; Creating a database; Connection management; Creating and executing commands
  • Managing Content: MIME types; Adding, deleting, and modifying content; Searching for content; Content files; Custom content providers
  • Managing Location: Overview of Location Manager; Using Location Manager; Working with Google Maps
  • Services and Broadcast Receivers: Overview of Services; Bound and unbound services; Implementing a service; Overview of Broadcast receivers; Implementing a Broadcast Receiver
  • Intent Filters: Overview of filters; Listing filters; Implementing filters
  • Going Further with Android: Interacting with Web Services; Sensors; Managing WiFi; Telephony; Interacting with the camera; Bluetooth


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