Training in Data Security

Key Information

Duration: 1 days

Course Learning Skills: SQL Server Data Security



This course will enable delegates to work with data security issues. They can then secure their data stores. Practical examples and exercises will be provided using Microsoft SQL Server, but the principle will apply to other database platforms. Data security is a vital issue today. There are regular breaches reported in the media.


1 Day


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Understanding of relational database concepts

 Module 1: What is cyber security?

  1. What is cyber crime?
  2. History
  3. How can we protect?
  4. Securing databases
  5. Safety tips …

  Module 2: Data Security Overview

  1. The Threats
  2. Security Design Philosophy
  3. Securable Objects
  4. Data Encryption

Module 3: Design and Administer Security Levels

  1. Design security plan
  2. Administer authentication
  3. Administer authorization
  4. Administer permissions
  5. Administer users, groups and roles

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