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Welcome to the latest news from TalkIT. This will give you some great ideas to help you work with new technology.  If you are a developer you will pick up some handy tips & tricks. If you are looking for a training course, this may help you find it. We’ll look at new training courses, web tutorials and developer talks.

Dive Deep on a Training Course
We have even more courses to choose from. These span all flavours of SQL Server and Visual Studio, plus more. They are aimed at both experienced users and those starting from scratch. You can select topics that are relevant to you.  The course can be delivered at your offices or our training centre.

The best place to start is looking at a course outline. This tells you, chapter-by-chapter, exactly what is in the course. Just click to see all the course outlines:

We have a new course in C#.Net 4.5 development that you may like to look at. This covers contemporary techniques in Visual Studio development, including data access with the Entity Framework, plus working with WCF services. The also covers how to create modern user interfaces with WPF. Take a look at the outline:

There have been many new technologies added to the .Net stack in recent years. Developers are faced with bewildering range of options. What works? What does not? What will Microsoft stop supporting? This course will address those questions.

The Entity Framework (EF) 4.0 has become a popular and effective way of accessing data. It compares well with classic ADO.Net and LINQ to SQL. Version 4.0 is a vast improvement on earlier versions. Version 5.0 was released this year. with just a few clicks. But EF also supports other strategies:


  • You write the Entity Data Model (an .edmx XML file) first
  • Then you generate the database from the EDM


  • You write C# classes to represent the model
  • These can be Plain Old CLR Classes (POCOs)
  • POCOs are pure code (no need for any database-related mapping)

Learn Anytime with a Web Tutorial
Study what, when and where you want with the free web tutorials.  It’s completely up to you. Build business applications by following simple step-by-step instructions. Download the completed application to check your work. What could be easier?
The best place to start is by browsing all the tutorials or searching for a specific topic.
We have new tutorials in Visual Studio 2012 development that you may like to work with. These cover C#, VB and Object Orientated development. Here is the C# course:
Listen to the Experts
TalkIT in collaboration with VBug organises monthly Geek Speak talks for techies in Bristol. The talks are aimed at developers and team leaders. The talks introduce a new technology, with tips and tricks from industry experts. They are an excellent way of keeping up with IT’s rapid evolution.

We usually get an enthusiastic bunch who are keen to ask questions. The talks are free and held at held in Filton, outside Bristol at BAWA. For a description of the talks just click:

The Power of F#
Isaac Abraham – Wednesday October 23rd 2013 – 6.30 p.m.

Building Scalable Cloud Applications
Stephen Askew- Wednesday November 13th 2013 – 6.30 p.m.

Stephen’s talk explores cloud development. Everyone seems to be talking about moving to the cloud these days. Build in-house or in a data centre? Use your company’s infrastructure or use a shared cloud infrastructure?  Then pay as you use it. There are clearly big potential cost & scalability benefits in using the cloud. But there can also be security and setup issues.

Public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure enable anyone to build applications that are highly available and can cope with huge peaks in demand. To reap the benefits the platform can provide requires rethinking the way applications are architected.
Other Bits
There are now so many course outline and tutorials on the TalkIT website that finding stuff is beginning to get a bit difficult. So we have listened to your feedback and are improving navigation around the site. There are lots of other improvements to make it easier to find your way around the site. This enhanced site will be ready this autumn.

In August TalkIT trainers returned to Oslo to present a 5 day C#.Net course. We have been delivering training in Norway over the last 15 months and more is planned. The Nords are keen to engage with the latest software techniques. Demand is driven by the oil and telecommunications industries. Happily they also speak excellent English, so the language was not a barrier.

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